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Why Burn Incense During Meditation?

For hundreds of years, burning of incense has been popular across various cultures and religions of the globe. Unraveling the history of spiritual and healing traditions of this sacred practice reveals the importance of incense to promote mindfulness, peace, inner-awareness and a profound connection with the universe. Today, the healing benefits that burning incense provide to the brain and overall bodily health is a popular topic in alternative medicine.

Incense hold a wide variety of benefits for use with meditation. Releasing calming aromas when burned, Incense encourage the mind to focus while meditating, in addition to helping you get into the right mindset before you begin, often being used alongside a premeditation ritual at the beginning of each session. The cascade effect of the backflow incense burners provide a sense of calm and relaxation perfect to enter the meditative state.

For example, before meditating, many Buddhists take the time to light a candle, which they then proceed to light an incense from; they believe that this process will enable the mind to clear, leaving it fresh and ready for meditation. As with any routine, the more you practice a ritual before sitting down meditate, the more focused you will become as the brain will start to link the lighting of the candle and incense, with the start of meditation, signaling to the mind that it is time to focus.

When experimenting with incense for the first time, it is sensible to try out a variety of different types in order to find out what works best for you. Obviously, different people associate different scents with relaxation, so finding a fragrance that best suits your needs is important.

Although all incense has general benefits, the effects can differ depending on what kind of incense you use. For instance, cinnamon is thought to boost energy levels, lust, and passion while lavender promotes beauty; Frankincense relieves stress and anxiety; and rose promotes love, desire, and sex.


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