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Backflow Cones

Incense Cones are composed of hard wood compressed (bamboo and sawdust) combined with essential oils. All components are natural materials. 

How to burn backflow Incense Cones

  • Light the tip of the incense cone.
  • Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Your cone should glow red and give off a delicate wisp of pale fragrant smoke indicating that it is slowly burning or "smoldering."
  • Place on/in a cone burner with point facing up and watch the cascade effect.
  • Be carful handling the cone when lit and when removing from the burner as they can be very hot. We advise using thongs.


• Keep it dry 
• once cone incense is burned, it may leave a yellowish liquid (from the oils) on the surface. Just wipe it clean. 
• If you prefer a stronger smell, add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil.

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